About Banorama Car Care

Over 25 Years Of Automotive Care 

The team has grown extensively over time to win the confidence of the region’s car enthusiasts and to offer modern car detailing services using the latest toolsand technology. Individual attention is always given to the special needs of every car make and model to deliver an unmatched finish every time.


Vehicle owners trust Banorama Car Care because of the qualified staff and fully equipped facility that help to keep cars looking like new with consistency. The experts at Banorama Car Care are always happy to help customers learn more about their cars’ needs and this has helped the service amass a growing number of frequent clients including owners of classic, contemporary and super cars.


The Banorama Car Care crew aims to deliver an A-grade finish every time. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed – regardless of the size of the car. The well-trained staff treats every car with the company’s characteristic standards of professionalism and care. Special attention is given to the practice of eco-friendly practices in this regard. Banorama Car Care uses products that aim to reduce waste and eliminate pollution. The company also offers a waterless car cleaning option for owners who want to go the extra mile in this regard.

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