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The experts at Banorama Car Care are always happy to help customers learn more about their cars’ needs and this has helped the service amass a growing number of frequent clients including owners of classic, contemporary and super cars.

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Banorama Car Care’s paint protection keeps vehicles looking like new in the face of the region’s extreme climate conditions. It also helps protect against exposure to minor scratches and paint
chips caused by road debris, etc.


Banorama’s comprehensive polishing services provide extensive internal and external detailing. This includes polishing the vehicle’s interior, exterior, engine and accessorizing peripherals – to breathe new life to the car’s appearance.


Banorama’s Wax Service gives your car the royal treatment! High-pressure water wash is followed by soaping, drying, vacuuming and dusting the inside. The exterior is washed and a fresh coat of wax is applied and buffed with microfiber.


In addition to looking great and helping maintain the value of the car, an Engine Polish helps prevent grime and residue from hardening on the Engine’s surface. Keeping the Engine polished is just as important as rotating your car’s tires.


Clients who drive long distances at night frequently choose to restore their headlights as it makes a big difference in the driving experience. It also helps guarantee safety and security in adverse weather conditions.


Window tinting makes it much easier to drive during the day. Window tinting is also recommended for individuals who have to drive long distances or leave their vehicles parked in the sun for long periods of time.



Applies sanitizing agent to all interior surfaces which includes but not limited to car seats, carpets, car doors, automotive upholstery, air-condition system etc. We use chemicals proven to fight COVID-19 and 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses. Car odors are eliminated and replaced by flowery scents.


We guarantee that the gloss and smoothness of your car’s body will leave you surprised. The team will also clean and polish all external glass, plastic and exhaust outlets, ending with a perfuming of the car’s interior and putting down the iconic Banorama floor sheets.


Breathe new life into your car’s body with a full polish that will eliminate the blemishes and dullness caused by the harsh weather conditions. Thefull-polishing service is carried out using the best imported car polishes and applied by a highly-trained team of car care technicians.


Gard X Protection system helps provide advanced shielding from the wear and tear caused by exposure to the elements, as well from the fading caused by natural oxidization. The crew begins by applying a pre-seal formulation that penetrates into the car’s paintwork, priming the paint for the final sealant.50 % discount only 2500dhs.

Terms & Conditions:

Vouchers can only be issued against services for which customer if they pay full price. 

Vouchers are only for 4-months from the date of issuance and expired vouchers cannot be redeemed and/or exchanged.

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